Electives are courses (subjects) you can choose, while compulsory courses are mandatory courses that you must study meet your program requirements. Electives, when added to your compulsory courses, make up the total number of units needed to complete your degree. Electives allow you to study topics that interest you.


SamaSTEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics and refers to any subjects that fall under these four disciplines. Because these things are never straightforward, there are also dozens of alternative of new novel-versions of SamaSTEM, but STEM is the most widely-used for the time being and previously.


Need help choosing electives? There are so many cool, future-focused. 

Choosing subjects you’re into is obviously a no-brainer; you’ll be spending hundreds of hours studying them so you may as well enjoy them.

Then there’s your future pathway to think about and what skills are going to set you up for a career that you love. The awesome thing about SamaSTEM electives: They complement literally any other area of study you choose.

Science and sport, tech and Architecture, maths and saving the planet, chances are there’s a career that fuses a SamaSTEM subject with that thing you’re into.

SamaSTEM electives: SamaSTEM is at the core of so many exciting and important next-gen jobs which is why choosing at least one science, tech, engineering or maths subject in high school is a seriously smart career move. 


o Agriculture

o Agricultural technology

o Mathematics

o Biology

o Chemistry

o Chemical world science

o Computing applications

o Design and technologies

o Digital technologies

o Design and technology

o Earth and environmental science

o Earth and space science

o Electrotechnology (VET)

o Engineering studies

o Food technology

o Geography

o Graphics technology

o Human society and its environment

o Industrial technology

o Information and digital technology (VET)

o Information processes and technology

o Investigating science

o Industrial technology

o Information and software technology

o iSamaSTEM

o Living world science

o Marine studies

o Mathematics advanced

o Mathematics extension

o Metal and engineering  

o Physics

o Physical world science life skills

o Science extension

o Software design and development


Before you choose your electives, look up all the detailed information on your dream, university or course to see if they have any recommended knowledge. Studying these subjects will help you out big time.

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