Mission Statement of MD consortium

SamaSTEM innovative project, is an important part of MD-Consortium Mega-projects, Muayad expanded the uses to include the possibility of building pyramids, and walls similar to the likes of the Great Wall of China. The perception was to potentially include all the buildings of previous and perhaps future civilizations, i.e., buildings that man in the past built without technical advantages and machinery to lift the heavy weights of granular / stone materials. also,

Since Muayad Alsamaraee innovated how to design and architect the round city of Baghdad, Accordingly, the name of the new Abbasids was given to 'Muayad Alsamaraee' and his team of innovators around. Evidence of that introduced officially by, Daniel A. L. Boot (Canadian, famous Senior Architectural Designer & Innovator), herewith confirms: my established relationship with Muayad S. Dawood Al-Samaraee.   Muayad is a highly motivated and skilled innovator who can both rapidly conceptualize and visualize technologies of our present as well as visualize product concepts to create safe and secure future for humanity (Daniel said).


About MD-Consortium

Forward looking from the start, Since 1911.  … As we look to the future, we anticipate increasingly complex technical problems, more complicated intersections between technology and policy, and higher stakes among global competitors. Our nations and the world will need our skills of catch-up innovations more than ever. As a MD-Consortium, we are teams with passion for our public and commercial interest mission who honor purpose as our highest principle.

Within a one Consortium, can working with industry and academia to advance and apply science, technology, systems engineering, and strategy, enabling government and the private sector to make better decisions and implement solutions to complex challenges of national and global significance. We’re unified by a shared purpose. Our work is as diverse as it is significant and greatly required.

MD-Consortium, of Muayad Alsamaraee & Family, is proud of its more than 110-year Experience in Naval, Aerospace, Defense, and Security Innovations and Industries. Since 1911, As a specialist in innovation, we started since 1917 to provide excellent innovative solutions that supported a great mission in addition to serving as a strong community partner in Mesopotamia within the region of Iraq, Syria, and Jordan.

We believe in building sustainable conditions that make the world a safer place. Our service members live this by voluntarily putting themselves in challenges way. Serving them is at the heart of communities’ common security and they need good chances from all countries. This is why we are building the National Security Innovation Consortium, everywhere. Our mission is to build networks of innovators, who generate new innovates solutions to national security problems worldwide.

While much has changed around the world over decades, our mission to ensure safe and reliable communities remains the same.

The main-mission of the MD-Consortium is to provide senior leaders across countries with independent advice and recommendations on innovative means to meet future challenges through the prism of four focus areas: 1*Novel Innovations, 2*technology transfer Process, 3*practices, and 4*mutual benefits. Protecting national security is the most important responsibility of governments. It is the foundation of political freedom, economic opportunity and the rule of law, enabling businesses to innovate, create jobs and support the industrial base. In an increasingly digital world, technology and business are evolving in ways that make national security a shared responsibility of government and innovators.

The consortium acts as a catalyst, leveraging the knowledge of members of the public and private sectors to stimulate the development of new technology ideas and to identify non-traditional technology applications for rapid, innovative and cost-effective application. We are committed to bringing together defense innovators, Experts, and entrepreneurs to solve national security problems in new ways.

We are widely innovators, from advances in Aerospace and Defense technology, Positioning by Earth's Magnetic Anomaly Field, biotechnology and healthcare research, and Breakthrough Submersible VTOL Aircraft, to breakthroughs in evolving disciplines such as vehicle autonomy, artificial intelligence, and synthetic biology, and more.

Since 2001 we protected the MD-Consortium, when joint our innovations labs, innovative technologies within a global scale, to North America, Europe, and Asia. ... To working under one umbrella, that’s warns us, not to invest all our resources into a single thing because we might lose everything. Great challenges we face constantly, but always we manage to overcome them in the end. 

MD-Consortium delivers objective insight and an innovative approach to our work with a single mission in mind. solving problems for a safer world. Through objective insights, a unique vantage point, and technical know-how, we never stop discovering new and better ways to achieve results in the public interest.

As a Consortium that we don’t compete with our partners, and our allies, we’re uniquely positioned to convene governments, producers, and academia to collaborate on big societal challenges, from pandemic response to highway safety to social justice.

MD-Consortium has consistently addressed the most complex whole-of-nations challenges that threaten our countries safety, security, and prosperity. Our mission-driven teams bring technical expertise, objectivity, and an interdisciplinary approach to drive innovation and accelerate solutions to assist the public interest.

By nature, we are the new Abbasids. They are our direct ancestors and we carry their genes and their innovative way of thinking. The Abbasids, who cultivating great cultivating great intellectual developments in the Middle East in the Golden Age of the Scientifics. A scientific achievement encompassed an astronomy, mathematics, and medicine, alchemy and chemistry, botany and agronomy, geography and cartography, ophthalmology, pharmacology, physics, and zoology. We assure that the Abbasids Golden Age, returned again scientifically, since 2004 to 2011, by Muayad S. Dawood Alsamaraee family efforts through our innovative work. The fact that we succeeded in front of the US Army when we produced squadron of ISR reconnaissance aircraft that we designed and manufactured, type SamaCH2000. We continued within a new modern formula, which respect and assist communities worldwide. Very important to us and our partners, to know our history, which provides clues to our past and how our core of innovative capacity has evolved, and why We Are, the Way We Are.


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